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Space Age Voices brings the authentic sound of a midcentury studio vocal ensemble to your digital audio workstation. This unique library features a group of three elite NYC session singers performing stylistically-specific articulations and techniques that deliver vintage personality and charm that is out of this world!

Create swooping retro melodies with two legato modes, smooth gliding chords with dedicated poly-glide articulations, and zippy vocal hooks with an advanced syllable repetition script. Then dial in your ideal vintage tone using three mic positions recorded at iconic Sear Sound Studio A in midtown Manhattan using their unrivaled collection of rare microphones. These sounds will rocket your next production to the stars!

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Requires Kontakt (full license) version 6.7+ or higher. Does not support the free Kontakt Player.

Free Pulse Downloader app and account required for installation.

Pays royalties to performers.


Fig. 1 - Trailer


Fig. 2 - Overview

In-Depth Walkthrough

Fig. 3 - In-depth walkthrough

Quick Playthrough

Fig. 4 - Short examples of each articulation

Hold a Star (Preliminary Demo)

Fig. 5 - Hold a Star (Preliminary Demo)

User Interface

User Interface - Longs
Fig. 1 - User Interface - Longs

What’s included

Space Age Voices brings you the authentic sound of a mid-century studio vocal ensemble. The library includes 8 nki patches for the full version of Native Instrument’s Kontakt. Features include two vocalise (long vowel performances) patches with two legato modes, sustains, glides, and falls; three short syllable patches with auto repetition mode; a dedicated unpitched ‘ch’ and ‘cha’ patch; and two extra patches of various unpitched exclamations, effects, and spoken words and phrases.

The Recordings

We went all out on recording this project as authentically as possible. Working at Manhattan's iconic Sear Sound Studio A, we captured the sound of three elite NYC session singers, using the tools and techniques of the era. A brief list of the coveted classic gear we used includes, original Neumann U67 tube mic, RCA DX77 ribbon mic, Neve 8038 custom console, Fairchild limiter, and Ampex ½” tape machine.

Each patch offers 3 microphone positions:

  • Close mic 1 (Neumann U67 > Neve pre > Ampex tape at 30ips)
  • Close mic 2 (RCA 77 > Neve pre > Ampex tape at 30ips)
  • Stereo room mic (Sear Sound custom setup)

Included NKI files (8):

  • Ooh vocalise
  • Ah vocalise
  • Zooh shorts
  • Bah shorts
  • Dooh shorts
  • Ch and Cha
  • Exclamations
  • Spoken words and phrases

Complete articulation list:

  • Ooh legato (2 modes)
  • Ooh sustain (poly)
  • Ooh glides up
  • Ooh glides down
  • Ooh falls
  • Ah legato (2 modes)
  • Ah sustain (poly)
  • Ah glides up
  • Ah glides down
  • Ah falls
  • Zooh medium
  • Zooh short
  • Zooh auto-repetition performance
  • Zooh falls longs
  • Zooh falls short
  • Bah medium
  • Bah short
  • Bah auto-repetition performance
  • Bah falls longs
  • Bah falls short
  • Dooh medium
  • Dooh short
  • Dooh auto-repetition performance
  • Dooh falls longs
  • Dooh falls short
  • Cha whisper long
  • Cha whisper short
  • Cha whisper repetition (very short)
  • Ch long
  • Ch medium
  • Ch short
  • Ch repetition (very short)
  • Wow fall unpitched
  • Wooh fall unpitched
  • Ah fall unpitched
  • Ah fall “refreshing”
  • Ah rise (pitched)
  • Shhh (whisper)
  • Various words & phrases

The Authentic Soundware Difference:

  • Truly authentic-sounding recordings
  • Access to the very best musicians in NYC
  • Sounds and articulations you can't find anywhere else
  • Vintage gear and recording techniques
  • Watermarked files delivered via the Pulse downloader
  • Kontakt format compatible with all major DAWs (Ableton, Logic, Cubase, ProTools, GarageBand, Studio One, Reaper, FL Studio 20)


Size:3GB / 1.3 GB compressed
Kontakt Multis:4
Kontakt Instruments:8
Resolution:24-bit 44.1kHz
Made for:composers, producers, samplists, crate-diggers


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