Jazz Drums - WAV Loops

Jazz Drums - WAV Loops

Sample Pack (WAV format)

  • $39.00

This massive collection contains over 900 authentic-sounding jazz drum loops at 15 different tempos. Covering straight-ahead jazz, blues, bebop, big band, 1930s swing, shuffles, ballads, gypsy jazz, New Orleans march, Broadway show tunes, and more, you'll find everything you need to bring your next jazz-inspired track to life. For each tempo, a number of variations are provided (ie, brushes, closed hats, open hats, ride, etc), so you're never stuck with a boring track that doesn't go anywhere. Of course, intros, fills, endings, and one-shots are also included, to make it easy for you to realize a cohesive performance. This collection also includes over 20 eclectic bonus loops and 10 bonus one-shots!

This product combines our two older jazz drum packs (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2) into one larger collection, at a reduced price.

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The Recordings

We recorded a veteran pro drummer playing a vintage jazz drum kit (Leedy & Ludwig 1953 Broadway Model snare, Ludwig Jazz-ette bass drum, vintage Istanbul and Zildjian cymbals). The kit was recorded using coveted classic gear, including original Neumann tube U47, RCA DX and Altec microphones, vintage API mic pres and authentic Pultec EQs.

The Mixes

Each sample is presented with two mix options: classic and vintage. The classic mix is inspired by the legendary Blue Note and Impulse recordings of the 1960s, but is clean-enough for modern productions as well. The vintage mix is a distressed-sounding mono option using a blend of only two mics: a mono Neumann tube 47 overhead and a RCA room mic. This mix is perfect for recreating the sounds of long-lost 78s — and for samplists looking to add some vintage vibe to their productions.

What’s included

For each tempo, we provide multiple variations that can be combined together to build a full and cohesive performance. Numerous intros, endings, and fills are also included.


- Two mix options for every sample (classic, vintage)
- Basic patterns with lots of variations (hi-hat, ride, brushes), fills, intros, endings
- Vintage drums and cymbals recorded with classic Neuman and RCA microphones
- Compatible with all major DAWs (Ableton, Logic, Cubase, ProTools, GarageBand, Studio One, Reaper, FL Studio 20)


Range:89 BPM - 270 BPM
Loops:900 +
One-shots:30 +
Resolution:24-bit / 44.1kHz
Instruments:drum set
Made for:composers, producers, samplists, crate-diggers


Compatible with all major DAWs and samplers.